Cause Effect Essay

Criminal Action

          Nowadays, criminal action rises and happens not only in the big town or countries but also in small town or villages which are quite far from downtown; moreover, it can be done by everyone and everywhere as long as they have a chance to do that. The most important factors that are caused some people act criminally can be traced to three factors: the family background, less of education and higher life standard.

         The first thing that causes some people act extremely is the family background. The condition of their family has big influences for the people in controlling their lives; for those who a good relationship with another family member or less attention from their parents, they will act badly outside.. Moreover,an under saving condition will make them unsatisfied because they can not complete their primary needs. As a result of having this condition, they will go out from their houses and live in the streets.

Another factor is less of education. Some people who don’t go to school have much more free time to do other activities with their friends. Thus, they don’t learn about knowledge so they will have no special skills for getting a good job to support their life. This is the biggest thing that causes them difficult in earning much money and they just fill their free time join the group to get money in different ways. .

Besides those causes, the final cause is the higher life style standard.  In this modern living, higher life style also has its influence in making some people act badly outside. For example, some people who have higher lifestyle standard will need things or luxurious equipment in order to support their life style. The case is if they don’t have much money to buy, they will take different way to get it. As a result, criminal action will be the best choice for them to get those equipments.

These three factors make the rise of criminal actions become higher and higher. It has a great effects in family, individual, and also society they live in.

One of the biggest effects of the family background condition is being bored in their own homes so that they will go outside and decide to manage their live freely. In order to get their needs, sometimes they steal or rob money from a person and places just in order to buy and get what they want. However, it can rise the criminal actions and make the people around them will be anxious.

Individual characteristics is one of the area that accepts and feels the effect of the criminal actions caused by less of education. They decide to go out from their home,spend their time and live in the streets instead of their own homes; of course they will meet another people who have the same behavior. In this chance they will make a small group and act badly. In addition,they will be more wild and different because of their hard living in the street and sometimes they will fight between one group to the others just to show their power, maintain and support their own groups. Spending their time in the streets where the criminal actions happens will teach them differently. It is a bad condition because it  also makes them think differently.

The last area that is feeling the effect of the criminal action is the society. The society they live in will become more scarier and the people will not enjoy running their daily activities because of the different atmosphere caused by the criminal actions.

         In summary, criminal actions will be acted by everyone because of the condition of their living. It causes a greatest effect in the family, individual and society. So, we have to be aware and careful because criminal action can be happened everywhere and every time. (eva)


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