Essay is a written composition that has one topic and developed by body paragraphs into several paragraphs (introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph)

A good essay has three  important parts;


A. An introductory paragraph


  Even though many writers said that beginning to write something is difficult thing to do, but writing an introductory paragraph will be easier if you remember the purpose of it :

1. It introduces the topic of the essay itself

2. It explains the general background of the topic

3. It indicates the overall “plane” of the essay

4. It should gain the readers’ attention to the topic

Moreover, an introductory paragraph has two important parts that we have to remember in writing a good introductory. They are:

1. General Statement

generally, it is a part where the writer tells about general comments about the subject. it should be interesting in order to get the readers’ attention  and to give background information about the topic.

2. Thesis Statement

it is the most important sentence in an introduction. it puts at the last sentence and states the topic and major topic in which they will be developed in body paragraphs


B. Body Paragraphs


the body paragraph is consists of two or more paragraphs. each paragraphs explains and develops a subdivision of the topic. furthermore, the idea in each paragraph should be in chronologically order .

C. Concluding Paragraph

It is the last paragraph of the essay: it is a very important part. In this part, the writer tells about the summary, restatement of the essay then the writer can add some final comment on the subject.

A. Example of cause and Effect Essay (First example)


             Television is harmful for children because it teaches them violence as a way of solving problem. The violence comes from many kinds of dangerous actions that the watch on television in which those can influence the way they think, speak, and behave in solving their problems. This problem can be solved by accompanying them in watching television and giving them explanation about the genre of program that are suitable for them.

          When the children are watching television, parents should be with them; at least parents know what their children are watching for . This is the first important thing that parent to do in order to control their children. Besides, parents should be a manager for their children in choosing a television program so that they will be safe from any dangerous actions from television effects.

        The second action that parents should do is giving the children explanation about the genre of television programs that are suitable for them; moreover, giving them some bad effects that are caused by violence from television will be a good choice because the children will understand and comprehend it easily. Yet, we don’t have to frighten them, just give them explanation; therefore, they will get the points as well.

      In summary,television can be a very dangerous thing for children so that parents have to control their children’s activities especially in watching television.

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