Gerund is verb-ing form that is used as a noun ; moreover, it is used in the same way as noun for example as subject and an object.

Gerund as Subject of the sentence

as the subject of the sentence, some example of gerund can be learnt as follow:

a. Drinking a glass of milk is good for our health

b. Swimming is my hobby

c. Playing basketball is very interesting and fun

in this sentence, the verb drink changes into verb-ing (gerund) and formed as the subject in the sentence

Gerund as an object of  Prepositions

A gerund is frequently used as the object of preposition

Example :

a. We talked about goingto Singapore for our vacation

b. I am not interested in looking for a new job

c. Maria is in charge of organizing the meeting

Gerund followed by some common Verbs

There are some common verbs followed by the gerund

Verb+ Gerund

enjoy, appreciate, mind, finish, stop, avoid, delay, keep,

example :

a. I enjoy reading this newspaper

b. The students stop talking


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