Cause Effect Essay

Criminal Action

          Nowadays, criminal action rises and happens not only in the big town or countries but also in small town or villages which are quite far from downtown; moreover, it can be done by everyone and everywhere as long as they have a chance to do that. The most important factors that are caused some people act criminally can be traced to three factors: the family background, less of education and higher life standard.

         The first thing that causes some people act extremely is the family background. The condition of their family has big influences for the people in controlling their lives; for those who a good relationship with another family member or less attention from their parents, they will act badly outside.. Moreover,an under saving condition will make them unsatisfied because they can not complete their primary needs. As a result of having this condition, they will go out from their houses and live in the streets. Continue reading




Essay is a written composition that has one topic and developed by body paragraphs into several paragraphs (introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph)

A good essay has three  important parts; Continue reading

Narrative Text


Narrative text is a kind of text that is used to amuse and to entertain the readers.

Generic Structure

> Orientation

    Here, the writer explains the setting, where and when the story happened and also introduces the participants of the story Continue reading

Descriptive Text


A. Description

Descriptive text is a kind of text that is used to describe something, it can be a thing, a place or person; moreover, it is focused on the physical appearance of the thing that we are going to describe.

B. Generic Structure

  1. Identification Continue reading

Recount Text


a. Description

Recount text is a kind of text that is used to tell an activity that happened in the past; moreover, the events of the story are explained in chronologically order.

Generic Structure of Recount Text

1. Orientation

    Orientation is always put at the first paragraph. Here, the writer explains the setting (where and when the story    happened) and the participants (who )of the story.

2. Events (series of events)

In this part, the writer tries to tell what happened in what sequence. From one even to the others are explained in chronologically order Continue reading