Narrative Text


Narrative text is a kind of text that is used to amuse and to entertain the readers.

Generic Structure

> Orientation

    Here, the writer explains the setting, where and when the story happened and also introduces the participants of the story Continue reading


Descriptive Text


A. Description

Descriptive text is a kind of text that is used to describe something, it can be a thing, a place or person; moreover, it is focused on the physical appearance of the thing that we are going to describe.

B. Generic Structure

  1. Identification Continue reading

Recount Text


a. Description

Recount text is a kind of text that is used to tell an activity that happened in the past; moreover, the events of the story are explained in chronologically order.

Generic Structure of Recount Text

1. Orientation

    Orientation is always put at the first paragraph. Here, the writer explains the setting (where and when the story    happened) and the participants (who )of the story.

2. Events (series of events)

In this part, the writer tries to tell what happened in what sequence. From one even to the others are explained in chronologically order Continue reading

Expressing Degrees of Certainty



“Degree of certainty” refers to how sure we are- what we think to change are- that something is true.

If we are sure about something, we don’t need to use a modal.For example, if we say “Rika is sick” it means that we are sure about it; and our degree of certainty is 100%

Look at this example below Continue reading




  • -Clause—————————-> a clause is a group of words containing a subject and a verb

Kind of Clauses :

Independent Clause ———– > an independent clause is a complete sentence. It  contains the main subject and a verb   of a sentence and an independent clause can stand alone

Dependent Clause—————> a dependent clause is not a complete sentence ; therefore, it must be connected to an independent clause because it can not stand alone

Adjective Clause—————–> an adjective clause is dependent clause that modifies a noun. It describes, identifies and gives information about a noun (it is also called a relative clause) Continue reading

The Passive


How to form the passive??

Form of the passive : be+ past participle (Verb3)

In the passive form, the object of an active verb changed become the subject of the passive verb. Only transitive verb (verb that can be followed by an object) are used in passive.

Let’s study these example below, how an active form changed into Passive form !!! Continue reading

Learn English Easily



What is noun?
Noun is a word that is used to name a person, animal, place, thing and abstract idea. It is usually the first words the children learn. Look at these examples below! The underlined words are noun:
• Yesterday, my uncle brought a pen
I like banana

What is the function of noun?
In a sentence, noun can be a subject, a direct object, an indirect object, a subject complement, an object complement, an appositive, or an adverb

Types of Noun
There are many different types of noun, they are: Continue reading